Customs Brokerage

The main goal of our brokerage team is to make customs less complicated. We will help you to get a comprehensive approach to your shipment and block potential border barriers .

Our licensed brokers clear even the most complex entries with speed and accuracy. You’ll save money, save time, and have tighter control over your shipments.

Why should you use the services of our customs broker?

  • You’ll get consultation in all entry procedures, admissibility requirements, identification, valuation, duties and taxes imposed on imported goods.
  • We can check for you any duties payable before you import the particular commodity so as to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • We’ll make sure your goods are accurately classified.
  • Our brokers will help to reduce time spent at customs waiting for clearance
  • We understand the requirement for specific goods, as vehicles, medicines, beverages, personal belongings etc.

Please contact us at any time of day to help go through clearance process.